Royalty PLUS Program

Aequs Education is fundamentally committed to the reward of educators. We believe that authors and teachers should receive greater financial compensation for their work than they have received customarily, and we operate as their advocates. Our Royalty PLUS Program provides authors a royalty on sales above the industry average and then extends compensation by paying, when possible, a royalty bonus. Royalties to authors on the sales of their works are paid semi-annually, typically in February and August.  

Aequs Education believes that paying royalty bonuses is an innovative way to reward authors additionally for their work after our business expenses and reserves for growth have been met. We plan to make discretionary royalty bonus payments whenever the total revenues from author sales exceed the expenses, royalties and reserve requirements of our business. Near the end of each fiscal year, we will estimate prospective net profits and determine the feasibility of a royalty bonus pool for our authors. The amount of the royalty bonus paid to each author is based on the percent of revenue that the author’s work has contributed to the overall revenues of our company. Royalty bonus payments to authors from the PLUS portion of our program are determined and paid annually, typically in January.

Aequs Education knows that a balance of fairness to our authors and company matters most. Contact Us to learn more.