Refund Policy

Aequs Education, LLC Refund Policy

All sales are final. Please carefully review prospective purchases before completing them. Read all product descriptions carefully before making a purchase. If there are special circumstances that you believe may warrant a refund for your purchase, please e-mail us at Only refund requests sent via e-mail will be considered.  Please do not leave voice messages related to a refunds request and allow three days for all refund requests to be considered.  At the sole discretion of Aequs Education, LLC, only if requested within 5 business days of the purchase, a refund may be considered. A $5.00 charge will be withheld from all granted refunds to cover online processing costs, order fulfillment and cancellation, etc. Aequs will not respond to any refund requests that are made beyond the time limit of 5 business days following purchase.