About Us

Aequs Education is a privately owned and operated company with a commitment to advocacy. Our mission is to make e-publishing and e-learning a rewarding experience for educators and students. We provide authors and higher education professionals with equitable means to publish and market their creations electronically, means that are financially beneficial for both instructors and students. Explore the e-publishing of your higher education or continuing education materials at Authoring Opportunities.

Aequs Education was founded in 2013 by Randy Paul and John Kasper after both spent over 25 years in the medical device and healthcare technology industry. During their careers, they worked closely with medical authorities and professors in the development of software for clinical data management systems as well as continuing education products and services. 
Through relationships with authors, educators and students, they recognized a growing need for low-cost, online e-publishing, so instructors could deliver multi-media e-texts cost effectively to students. Moreover, Randy and John believe that a company specializing in the interests of these professionals could better compensate them for their educational creations. Randy and John are both married to experienced teachers.