Redemption Codes for Campus Bookstore E-Text Resale (10 per pack)


Program Information - For Re-sellers Only:

E-text redemption codes (10 per pack) make it easy for campus bookstores to resell Aequs Education e-texts.  

Redemption code packs are discounted to support a 33% markup for bookstores. When bookstores markup a redemption code for an e-text by 33%, the price will match the Aequs price for that same title sold on our website directly to the student.  

Bookstores can offer redemption codes to students as a rental for the course term (students access dynamically linked e-texts in the Aequs portal) or as a purchase. Students who chose the purchase format receive the identical course-term, portal access as renters plus the ability to download a black-and-white, static (unlinked), archive copy (PDF format, iBook compatible) that they can use offline and maintain for future reference. All formats of e-texts offered to students include licenses for individual, student use only. Students purchasing and using redemption codes must accept the Aequs individual, student-use terms and conditions. 

When purchasing a 10-pack of redemption codes, a bookstore provides Aequs its email address.  Via email, the bookstore receives a PDF file containing 10 printable pages, each with a unique, one-time-use redemption code. The redemption code pages also include easy-to-follow instructions for students to obtain their e-text once they purchase a redemption code from the bookstore. The bookstore is responsible for printing the redemption code pages and providing one to a student when he or she purchases an e-text redemption code.

Sales of redemption codes to bookstores are final. Redemption codes never expire and students who purchase them will always receive the latest e-text edition that is available.